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KWESST Public Safety

ARWEN 37MM Five Round Launcher

ARWEN 37MM Five Round Launcher

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The ARWEN 37 launcher


▪ Semi-automatic, 5 rounds in 4 seconds rapid fire from rotary magazine.
▪ Can be instantly topped up or exchanged with different ammunition types while being held in the firing position
▪ Ammunition status, number and type of ammunition readily visible.
▪ Fires all original 37MM ARWEN and ARWEN compatible ammunition types.
▪ Fully ambidextrous, can be fired from right or left shoulder without modification.
▪ Simple functioning, easy to use, right or left-handed operation for officers of any height or build. 
▪ Light weight, 3.11kg (6lb, 14oz) unloaded or 3.83kg (8lb, 4oz) loaded with 5 AR-1 baton rounds.
▪ Rugged and reliable, exposed parts made of anodized aluminum alloy and high-strength polymer, unaffected by damp environments; steel parts in shielded positions where they can be kept lubricated and protected from rust. 
▪ Double action trigger and fully ambidextrous safety.
▪ Telescoping butt stock.
▪ Field strips in seconds.  Easy routine stripping, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly.


• Proven over many years in thousands of incidents, with an unmatched safety record.
• Exceptional accuracy and consistency.


• Certified operator and armorer courses available.

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