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PARA OPS Professional Series Pro 1 LEC Launcher from KWESST

PARA OPS Professional Series Pro 1 LEC Launcher from KWESST

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The PARA OPS Professional Series single shot (Pro 1) launcher is the ultimate in next generation public safety technology. Using the patented LEC (Low Energy Cartridge) it is the ultimate low-profile safety device. There are no CO2 systems, no air, no O-rings or seals to dry out.  This is a dedicated cartridge-based system that propels a spin stabilized projectile containing a variety of pay loads ranging from pepper powder (PAVA), inert and colored powder, solid kinetic/training rounds, water and oil-based rounds that deploy on impact. The PRO 1 comes equipped with integral flashlight and laser sight for added deterrence and accuracy in low light. 

The Pro 1 accepts only PARA OPS cartridges and will not chamber or fire other ammunition. 

Effective Range: 60 ft
Caliber: .67 caliber

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